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That was my wife when she found out that the food we were eating was not organic!  It started out as a joke, but soon became serious food for thought.  We live such a busy lifestyle these days that it's seemingly impossible to look after ourselves, care for the environment, and be a good citizen altogether, right?

We live in London, one of the busiest cities in the world.  I work as a business advisor and my wife works in immigration law.  But it hasn't always been like that.  We were born in the countryside of Brazil, where the food is largely organic, you get to exercise (and sweat) almost naturally every day and you get so much sun that it looks like you've just came back from a beach holiday.  So it's no wonder that it took us a while to adapt in the UK.  But adapt we did, and this website is the result of many of our findings and ideas throughout these years.

In our weekly blog you will read about all we think is essential to a sustainable lifestyle.  From the stuff you buy and how you use it, and especially how to avoid the marketing traps and fads with some real stats and science behind it.

But why do we care about sustainability?  For starters, we are human.  And I don't mean in a lovey-dovey way, but in a human species way which means we need to look after our survival.  The numbers show that we are on a very dangerous path leading to extreme conflicts for resources among ourselves (humans).

On a personal level, we are also recreational divers.  And if you ever spend a little bit of time immersed in nature (either above or under the water), you will hopefully realise how important it is to keep these ecosystems balanced so they can keep providing for us.

But we don't have any delusional plans to save the world alone;  we believe that sustainability is totally possible but only if WE ALL change little habits, bit by bit and consistently.  We buy organic because it's good for our health.  We buy sustainable because it's good for us all.  Hope you'll enjoy our blog and our selection of curated sustainable products!